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You can trust our seasoned team of geologists, geologists-in-training and technicians to carry out your mineral exploration and mining geology projects according to the industry’s highest standards. Whether it’s prospecting, channeling, mapping or drilling, our multidisciplinary team will put its expertise to work to become your go-to partner for your next big discovery. Regardless whether your project is big or small, you can avoid unpleasant surprises by trusting Technominex, an experienced ECOLOGO-certified company that has been at the industry’s service for over 15 years.

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Description of drill cores and sampling

Need help with drilling descriptions or sampling (core sawing)? Overwhelmed by a drilling backlog and short on time? Our team of geologists specialized in drilling descriptions and our core library personnel can be a big help. Whatever services you choose, we’re able to deliver the goods, either directly at our offices or at your project site.

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Database management

Let us perform regular tracking and updates to keep your database in top shape. Our experienced team will provide expert guidance with maintaining your database, no matter which platform you use (Access, SQL, etc.).

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RQD and magnetic susceptibility

Want to measure your samples’ RQD or magnetic susceptibility? We have the resources and expertise to help! Our experienced technicians will pay special attention to your needs and special requirements to make sure the data meets your expectations.

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Pulp and waste sorting and analysis

Our facilities enable us to receive your samples directly at our lab and store them on-site. We keep over a million mineral samples in accordance with client wishes: outdoors or indoors, warm or cold. We also offer a storage-with-inventory service that can save you significant time during future pulp and waste searches.