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Transportation and supply services

Getting supplies to remote camps is a key service we offer—and one where we have considerable expertise. Do you need materials, food, fuel or equipment delivered to your exploration site? Do you need a carrier to repatriate cores or deliver samples? Our transportation and supply services can help!

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Our teams have the field expertise required to carry out your prospecting programs. Whatever the nature of your operations and whatever the location, we will be able to meet your demands.

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Cleaning and channeling

We have the right personnel and equipment to handle your cleaning and channeling needs. Whether it’s a mechanical shovel, pumps, hoses or a team of technicians or geologists, you’ll find it all here.

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Soil sampling

We can provide a full range of services for your sampling projects while meeting all your targets (tills and timelines).

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Mining claim (Title) management

Technominex is a one-stop shop for all your claim management needs:

  • Renewing mining titles
  • Compliance audits (reports)
  • Declaration of work to the MERN
  • Transferring mining titles
  • Tracking project budgets
  • Drafting activity reports
  • MERN administrative requirements (e.g., reporting, wildlife and environment, etc.)
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Drilling program

Technominex has the expertise, experience and qualified personnel you need for every phase of your drilling program. Our turnkey services enable us to take charge of your entire program, from initial planning to drafting the final report.

  • Drilling site preparation
  • Access and deployment
  • Description of drilling
  • Understanding of geology software
  • Continuous monitoring of drilling targets
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Health & safety and environmental inspections

Do you need an external partner who can perform health and safety inspections at your drilling sites? We can provide a qualified team that understands all the regulatory requirements, from worker health & safety to the environment.

Technominex always follows the industry’s best practices in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We have a highly qualified environmental team that is constantly on the watch for possible improvements in mineral exploration. We set the benchmark in environmental consulting and maintain excellent relationships with all industry stakeholders.

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Stakeholder relations

Our network of contacts and in-depth understanding of every phase of mineral exploration will help you establish close connections with industry stakeholders when the time is right. Technominex is a recognized actor in the industry and able to facilitate your contacts with communities and all levels of government.